Archer Entry 6

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I have often marveled at the level of arcane mastery that must have been necessary to animate objects to follow anything more than rudimentary directions. The creation of golems and their ilk is something lost to time, and yet perhaps time is not such a great barrier after all. Here we stand in the abode of a man dedicated to the task of artifice – this Acererak fellow has crafted some wonders. Metal men (and women?) constructed not only of metal, but of wood and other components I cannot even identify guarded the star metal in the first chambers we came to upon stepping through the portal from our present. They each seemed to have a unique rune inscribed into the “forehead” – there was not even any similarity between the models with comparable attack algorithms. Fascinating. I wonder what they mean.

Magic is a funny thing. Enchantments play upon the mind and illusions fool the senses, but how should either work upon what is ostensibly a machine? Ah, but to give that device the spark of life, one must craft a logical matrix (or perhaps a series of interlinked matrices) to shape the creation’s actions. It must be able to receive Input, translate that data into meaningful Information, and make a Choice about how to react to it. These facts are the reasons that enchantment and illusion magic can affect magically animated constructs.

Illusion provides false data for the golem’s senses, leading it to false conclusions. Enchantment taps into the logical pathways crafted by the creator and disrupts that flow. Because these artificial intelligences are based upon the manner in which the being that created them thinks, they are susceptible to the same influences as that mind. Acererak’s creations proved no different.

I used a new spell I’d been working on to strike at the mind and prevent a creature’s lower limbs from responding to commands to move from the spot in which it stands for a few moments. Often, mere seconds mean the difference between life and death in this dubious profession we call Adventuring. The spell worked beautifully, latching onto the magical “brains” of two of my targets and halting their intended forward motion. Still, two of the models were not significantly hindered by this limitation, striking at us from a distance – casting spells! Two more of these creatures emerged from the circle chamber and our world exploded in fire.

I cannot speak for the others, but I am a fragile being. I will never grow accustomed to suffering the injuries common to adventurers, which is why I do everything in my power to stay far from danger, lashing out with my magic from a distance. I admire the courage of those willing to stand toe to toe with their enemies, though I sometimes question their intelligence. Clearly, they are made of sterner stuff than I, a fact for which I am grateful. It might prove very difficult for a group of mages to avoid the Ultimate Fate that awaits us all were it not for the dutiful warriors of various talents willing to take the hits for us.

So, naturally, I cleared the room as swiftly as I could, forcing the war-forged creations out of our chamber so that the melee combatants among us could form a barrier between us and them. This they did, and after several Interesting Moments, we stood victorious over the battered and broken mechanical beings. Two handfuls of star metal were our reward for this victory. Obanar instructed us to gather one such chunk for each of the Argent items – one for each of us. Our larceny continues.

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Archer Entry 6

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