Archer Entry 4

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We came through the woods into the periphery of a village populated by torrians going about ordinary, every day activities as though in a haze. We had approached as quietly as we could, but for some of us, that is not saying a great deal. In short, we were noticed – and when one of the torrians saw us, those in the immediate vicinity also turned their heads our direction. Ah, the joys of dealing with ensorcelled victims of demonic cults.

Valiketh took point in the ensuing “discussion” with the clearly terrified torrian who had first spotted our group. I filled in what holes I noticed, attempting to strengthen his argument, and we might have made some progress, but the demon Physandos had been alerted to our presence and decided to crash the negotiations. The fiend possessed the torrian spokesbeing, and insisted that we leave, threatening all manner of mischief if we did not comply.

Ah ha.

If our presence was not a danger to the demon and/or his control of the populace of torrians, it would simply have attacked us on sight. Its bluster and posturing in an attempt to frighten us away proved that we could disrupt its hold on the citizens of the village without doing any lasting harm to them. Valiketh appealed to the torrians, trying to draw out their inner reserves of will, while the rest of us drew on every bit of lore we could in a concentrated effort to exorcise the demon. Our efforts proved sufficient to the task, and the disembodied spirit fled to the north.

The torrians warned us that the demon raced to rouse the dragon Urthix. I knew that at my best, I could not keep the portal by the river open long enough to get all of the refugees back to Argent the first trip. It would take additional castings and that would require time that we simply did not have. We sent the torrians to gather near the edge of the Sheltered Woods near the portal, while we adventurous few gave chase to intercept the demon and its dragon ally/servitor.

. . . . . . .

We drew near a massive cave entrance, and without preamble we ventured inside. A hulking dragon with scales akin to the dark gray metal adamantine lurked within, and Physandos hovered behind the dragon. A number of demonic reflections populated the outer edges of the cavern. Unsure which would prove the greatest threat, I decided to draw the battle to the center. Visions of Avarice drew the dragon (of course) to the illusion I crafted, but I saw the demon and even one of its reflections irresistibly drawn to the image of their dark hearts’ greatest desires. I have always been fascinated by this particular spell. How does it override the minds of creatures without enchantment? The illusion is clearly quite powerful – a dweomer crafted by a master mage of unknown power at some time in the murky past.

Where was I? Oh, yes.

Cirrig and Rowan held the center, the dwarf conjuring the cloud of primal steam that selectively burned nearby enemies while harmlessly concealing allies. Zara meanwhile provided the demonic reflections with an appealing target, and they rushed to surround her. She was then plucked from their midst by Valiketh’s mind powers, where he could better arrange them for my blasts of magic to lay them low. In no time, only Urthix and Physandos remained, and once the demon fell, the dragon surrendered. Clearly, its mind and judgment had been usurped by the fiend of corruption.

Urthix claimed a desire to make restitution for his actions while under the influence of the tanar’ri. We readily accepted the dragon’s offer, inviting him to join Argent’s steadily growing number of defenders. All and all, this has been a productive day, though I still hold doubts as to whether or not the torrians will prove as able as Obanar seems to believe. I know Valiketh shares my doubts, but we have been proven wrong before. Let us pray that this is such a time.

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Archer Entry 4

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