The Piranoth Chronicle

Session 2: Protection of Argent

Theft with a purpose

Splitting up to save the city
With the battle finished, Obanar approached the group as they walked over to the pool of water. The pool was showing a scry image of the city of Argent. A red dot pulsated angrily over what appeared to be a great tower and among a nearby collection of smaller buildings.

Obanar hmmed softly to himself as he looked over the image before speaking, “Other invaders have made it into the city. I must go to the highest level of the Guardian Tower to restore the protective wards. Rrowthar shall lead you to the intruders so that you can deal with them.”

The group looked at one another curiously as the old man simply nodded and walked off towards the tower. Rrowthar bowed to the group, "Please follow me, I will take you to the invasion area.

Street Battle
Rrowthar led the group out of the Grand Mall, through a narrow copse of trees, and into a crowded, decrepit part of the city. They noticed that the place was as silent as a tomb. They saw no one else though there were buildings everywhere. They then entered a section of the city where the buildings were stacked close together. The area was more run down than what they have seen previously and as they moved deeper into the area, the structures became more decrepit. Walls crumbled in places and some buildings were little more than collapsed husks.

From up ahead, the group heard a rough voice call out, “You are not the old, annoying one. I don’t know who you are, but it doesn’t matter. You are too late, for our task here has been completed.”

As the group got a closer look, they found multiple creatures in the area near a large hole in the air above the street, a rift of some sort. As it pulsed with elemental energy, the creatures in the area attacked. In the lead was a hill giant shaman who had called out to the group. It was flanked by two magma striders and supported by several magma brutes and a handful of gravelshards. The fight was a good match for the group with the brutes and shaman causing some problems for the group but they were able to hold on and defeat the elementals. Archer then focused on closing the Elemental Rift by reworking the arcane energies that held it open.

The Hidden Vault
Once the rift was closed, the group left the area and made their way to the guardian tower. As they approached the entrance, an image of Obanar appeared before them. “Champions, I could use your assistance. I know you have questions but I must ask you to remain patient a while longer. The invaders are making their way to the vaults beneath this tower. I must complete the rituals necessary to restore and re-establish the city’s magical defenses. Please stop the intruders before they can penetrate the vaults.”

The group grumbled their agreement and made their way down to the vaults beneath the tower. Upon reaching the vaults, they found the door to be slightly ajar, revealing a group of elements in the entry chamber. In the first room, the group found an earth elemental battlewall with several frostfell harriers to support it. The harriers were easily taken down and the battlewall was nearly sundered in the first few seconds.

The battlewall retreated from the heavy hitting adventurers into the main room where more harriers flew in to help the wall. As the heroes entered into the room, several secret sigils ignited, sending one of the heroes flying into an energy barrier on the left and right side of the room. On the other side of the energy barrier was a cell of stone.

Unable to escape, the adventurers had to make do without their companion. At that point, another door opened to reveal two fire archons and several more harriers. The fighting grew desperate as slowly, each member of the group was tossed into the prison. Near the end of the fight, a genasi of red and blue arrived carrying a very large sack. He grew annoyed that some of the heroes were blocking his way and so he set his bag down and began to blast them with bursts of elemental energy. The shear force of the blows was too much and the remaining members of the group were pushed into the prisons.

“I will leave you be. I have no interest in your deaths.” he stated as he picked his bag back up, “Enjoy your stay in Argent.” and with that, he and the last remaining fire archon disappeared in a swirl of elemental energy.



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