The Piranoth Chronicle

Interlude: Questions Answered
Dusting off the Silver Cloak to save the world

After having defeated the invaders that were able to breach the defenses of Argent and slip inside the city, Obanar invited the group to a comfortable sitting room high within the Guardian’s Tower. The group was given refreshments and a chance to relax after the long day. Once everyone was settled, Obanar addressed the group, “I have called you here to become the new champions of Argent. Ask your questions, and I shall do my best to provide you with answers you seek.”

Rowan blurted out a question before anyone else had time to react, “Who are you?” she asked curiously.

Session 2: Protection of Argent
Theft with a purpose

Splitting up to save the city
With the battle finished, Obanar approached the group as they walked over to the pool of water. The pool was showing a scry image of the city of Argent. A red dot pulsated angrily over what appeared to be a great tower and among a nearby collection of smaller buildings.

Obanar hmmed softly to himself as he looked over the image before speaking, “Other invaders have made it into the city. I must go to the highest level of the Guardian Tower to restore the protective wards. Rrowthar shall lead you to the intruders so that you can deal with them.”

Session 1: Journey to Argent
We're going to war with giants?

Arrival in Fallcrest
The group of Archer, Cirrig, Rowan, and Valiketh arrived in Fallcrest after completing their latest quest. Upon arriving, they found Fallcrest to be sealed up tight. The guards states that the Lord Mayor ordered the city closed due to recent reports and rumors of giants sacking towns to the north.

Archer was able to convince the guards to let him in since he was a resident in good standing with the city. After getting settled in, the group heard some more rumors of giants sacking cities to the north on their way to see the Lord Mayor. After a long chat, the group learned that everything pointed to the Stonemarch as the source of the giant army headed their way. The group agreed to find out the cause of the war and stop, by any means necessary.


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